Lubricants & Oils

Sex doesn’t have to be rough, painful or cringeworthy. What you may need is something to bring smoothness and ease when penetration occurs. We have a wide range of lubricants and oils that you can choose from in this section

Whether you want edible treats, flavored, unflavored, scented or unscented lubricants & oils, Playtime boutique is here for you.

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250ml Lubido Paraben Free Water Based Lubricant

250ml Super Slik Lubricant

Astroglide 2.5oz Lubricant

Astroglide Gel Lubricant

Astroglide O Organic Oil Blend 120ml


Astroglide Premium Liquid 120ml


Astroglide Ultra Gentle Gel 3oz Lubricant

Astroglide X Lubricant


Astroglide X Premium Silicone Gel 85g


Cool It Ice Ice Baby Lubricant 500 ml


Dip It Dip Your Toy And Enjoy Lubricant 500 ml


Durex Play Feel Pleasure Gel 100ml


Durex Play Soothing Massage Gel And Lube


Durex Play Stimulating Massage Gel And Lube 200mls


Durex Play Tingle Lube 100ml


Durex Sensilube Lubricant 40mls


Elbow Grease Gel Lubricant


Fist It 1 Litre Jar Of Lubricant


Fist It Extra Thick 1000mls Lubricant


Fist It Extra Thick 100ml Lubricant


Fist It Extra Thick Lubricant 300ml


Fist It Hybrid Water And Silicone Lube 500ml


Fist It Silicone 500ml Lubricant


Fist it Sperm 500ml Lubricant


Fist it Sperm Lubricant 300ml


Fist It Submerge Petroleum Jelly 500ml


Fist It Water Based 500ml Lubricant


Fist It Water Based Lube 100ml


Fist It Water Based Lube 300ml


Foreplay Bath Salts

Gun Oil H2O Waterbased Lubricant


Gun Oil Silicone 8oz Lubricant


Id Glide 3ml Sachet

ID Glide Lubricant 1 oz

ID Glide Lubricant 17oz


ID Glide Lubricant 2.2oz