Personal Hygiene

You need good personal hygiene to protect yourself and your partner from bad odor. We stock a wide array of personal hygiene products that include douches, cleaning kits and trimming sets. Moreover, personal hygiene boosts stimulation.

Shop here and smell good and look good down there with Playtime boutique.

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4 In 1 Pure And Clean Misting Toy Cleaner


Anal Douche


Bad Kitty Intimate Shower Anal Douche


Big Man Cleanser Black


Black Velvet Douche With Four Attachments


Body Action Anal Bleach Gel


Clean Stream 3 Quart Water Bottle Cleansing Kit


Clean Stream Alumi Tip Shower System Enema Accessory


Clean Stream Deluxe Enema Bulb


Clean Stream Disposable Applicator Douche


Clean Stream Enema Bulb


Clean Stream Enema Tip Set


Clean Stream Essentials Enema Kit


Clean Stream Flex Tip Cleansing Bulb


Clean Stream In Line Bulb Enema Syringe


Clean Stream Inflatable Enema Plug


Clean Stream Red Enema Bulb


Clean Stream Shower Enema Set


Clean Stream Silicone Comfort Douche Nozzle Attachment


Clean Stream Silicone Enema Attachment Set


Clean Stream Silicone Inflatable Double Bulb Enema System


Clean Stream Silicone Open Flow Top Bag


Clean Stream Universal Cleansing Tips


Clean Stream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit


Clean Stream Water Bottle Douche Kit


Colt Advanced Shower Shot Enema Kit


Fist It Black Lube Shooter


Intimate Care Soft Tampons 5 Pieces


Kink Anal Douche Full Flush Out


Lube Tubes Lubricant Dispenser


Mae B Intimate Health 2 Large Menstrual Cups


Mae B Intimate Health 2 Small Menstrual Cups


Magnus Stainless Steel Enema Tip


Master Series Silicone Graduated Beads Lube Launcher


Menstrual Yoba Cup White Small


Metal Shower Cleaning System With 3 Heads